AFTE Comments to S&P consultation

septembre 2013 | AFTE

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This document has been prepared by AFTE (Association Française des Trésoriers d’Entreprise) in response to Standard & Poor’s (S&P) Request for Comment on its proposed new Corporate Criteria.

The French corporate treasurers and their companies, represented by AFTE, welcome S&P’s proactive approach to criteria evolution and fully support the objectives outlined by S&P for its rating methodology: transparency, comparability and forward looking.

While we appreciate the consultation process launched by S&P and while we do thank S&P to have accepted our contribution beyond the indicative preset date of 16 September 2013, we do need to mention that our comments have been voluntarily limited due to time constraints only to what we perceived as the major changes brought by this new methodology or some important areas of possible concerns. As the French Treasurer Association we have had numerous exchanges with other interested parties, including rating advisory teams of some of the major French banks and generally share the more detailed comments that these institutions have been contributing to the consultation

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